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HA Singleton, Cluster Wide Singleton as MBean in JBoss 5, part 2/3

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JBoss HA  Service, HA Singleton, JBoss Cluster, load migration, load distribution, HA Service deployment

Write and deploy an JBoss Mbean

We will write a JBoss MBean called "JbHaSingletonSvcSample"

Create a simple Java project "TestHASingleton" in Eclipse. 

An MBean needs an interface, an implementation class, and a "jbosss-service.xml" file for MBean description/deployment.

The interface: 

package test.ha;

import org.jboss.system.ServiceMBean;

public interface JbHaSingletonSvcSampleMBean extends ServiceMBean{

The implementation class:

package test.ha;
import org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport;
 * The service itself shoul not be written as singleton.
 * @author ws
public class JbHaSingletonSvcSample extends ServiceMBeanSupport implements
JbHaSingletonSvcSampleMBean {
// The lifecycle
public void startSingletonService() throws Exception {
System.out.println("### Starting JbHaSingletonSvcSample Singleton Service..");
public void stopSingletonService() throws Exception {
System.out.println("### Stopping JbHaSingletonSvcSample Singleton Service..");

Create a "META-INF" folder directly under project root:


Create a "jboss-service.xml" file in "META-INF" folder with following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <mbean code="test.ha.JbHaSingletonSvcSample" name="myexample:service=testHaSample"/>
    <mbean code="org.jboss.ha.singleton.HASingletonController" name="myexample:service=SingletonServiceControllerA">
        <attribute name="HAPartition"><inject bean="HAPartition" /></attribute>
         <attribute name="Target"><inject bean="myexample:service=testHaSample" /></attribute>
        <attribute name="TargetStartMethod">startSingletonService</attribute>
        <attribute name="TargetStopMethod">stopSingletonService</attribute>

MBean will be deployed as ".sar" archive. An ".sar" is nothing else that a ".jar" file. To make an ".sar" file, we just need to export the project binaries as "jar" file with Eclipse, i.e. "TestHASingleton.jar",
and then rename it to "TestHASingleton.sar".

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